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Nightlife Etiquette: 12 Things You Should Absolutely Never Do During a Night Out

October 2nd, 2014     Posted By

We’ve all been out more times than we would like to admit when the people around us simply don’t know how to behave appropriately in a nightlife situation. Are some girls really that ignorant that they think it’s okay to ditch their heels and walk around the bar barefoot? The answer is yes, yes they are.

Although there may be no clear-cut solution to the stupidity of others once they’ve gotten a few drinks in them, we think it may be a good start to refresh everyone on basic bar etiquette. Here are 12 things you should absolutely never do during a night out:

1. Try to jump the line when you have absolutely no connections.


It’s one thing if you know the bouncer or the promoter happens to be one of your good friends, however; under no circumstances should you ever try to cut the line based on your own idea of self-entitlement.

2. Overdo it on the makeup.


3. Attempt to request a song from the DJ.


This isn’t your high-school formal. Please don’t approach the DJ booth.

4. Act like a big deal because you splurged on bottle service.


Ugh. We’ve all witnessed this before. The group of 10 guys packed into a booth, waving their bottles frantically in the air. You are not Jay-Z, please put the bottle down.

5. Be that creepy guy who thinks it’s acceptable to dance with strangers.


This is not a good look and almost always comes off as creepy. Unless you know the person, or have had at least one previous verbal exchange with them, you should absolutely never try this.

6. Under-tip the bartender.


7. Run onto the dance floor with a full drink in hand.


Nobody wants to be drenched with your drink because your dancing like a maniac (see #10). A good rule of thumb is to always ensure that you sip off the top 2 inches of your drink before making any sudden movements. 

8. Hang out by the bar sipping your drink, while others are trying to order theirs.


This is one of the most frustrating things imaginable. It’s hard enough getting a drink in a packed bar, please don’t make me wait any longer than I have to. 

9. Ignore the washroom attendant.


10. Dance in public when you look like this.


11. Spend the entire night taking photos of you and your besties.


Maybe you don’t get out much or maybe you’re just trying to make all of your insta friends jealous based on all the ‘fun’ your having. Whatever the reason, you’re making yourself look bad. Just enjoy your night and put the iPhone away.

12. Wear high heels if you are not competent enough to do so.


This is just standard health and safety, but is too often overlooked. Ladies, please do not wear heels unless you’re able to commit to walking around in them for the entire night. And under absolutely no circumstances is it ever okay to ditch your heels and go barefoot (no, not even on the walk home).

Have a nightlife pet peeve that didn’t quite make the cut? Share it with us in the comments below!

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