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Spotlight On: Lost & Found Kirill Was Here

June 12th, 2015     Posted By

Lost & Found is located in the heart of King West in the basement of a hundred year old building. This venue brings in the wealthy, well dressed and attractive mid 20’s to early 30’s crowd.  We had guest list, which allowed us to skip the line. While all the girls on our list received free entry, boys paid $15 each. Upon entering, you are welcomed by exposed brick walls, leather booths lining the perimeter, and a bar along the right hand side. You’ll see Lost & Found’s iconic Instagram photo spot, a white quote painted on the brick wall reading “Not All Who Wonder Are Lost”.


My girlfriends and I went right to the washrooms, which were co-ed individual stalls. The mirror was behind the toilet; this made it very difficult to see or do any makeup retouching. Besides that minor obstacle, the line for the washroom was never too long and the bathrooms were for the most part very clean.

The club itself is very small, and the setup makes it difficult to move around. This venue is definitely setup to benefit the bottle-popping crowd, because the casual drinkers have nowhere to sit or even stand really in this venue.

Bottle service hosts moved frantically through the bar, rushing to light more fountain toppers and sparklers for the guests buying bottles. The staff was overall very friendly and efficient. Waiting for a drink was not unreasonable and neither were the prices at $8 a glass for bar rail.  Female employees handed out light sticks to the guests with bottle service, which quickly turned the clubs atmosphere into more of a rave.

The event of the night was Kirill Was Here. Who is Kirill you ask? Kirill is a semi famous photographer known solely for his ability to capture photos of barely clothed if not naked women pouring champagne, milk or vodka on their faces. Interesting, I know.  With this in mind, it seemed every guy with a bottle wanted to pour liquor into girl’s mouths, verses just handing her a glass. Hard pass! I felt sticky just watching this. Lets hope this was all in the spirit of Kirill and not a horrifying new trend.


The music was very good, a perfect combination of club anthems and hip-hop. The DJ booth was at the very back of the club, lost among the sea of people cogitating in the center of the dance floor, surrounded with booths on either side. The crowd was flooded with well dressed beautiful women which seems to be an ongoing trend at Lost and Found. No ones complaining.

Overall my experience at Lost & Found was a positive one and I would definitely go there again.  If you’re looking to spend some money and get a booth, Lost & Found is a great venue that strives to spoil their bottle service customers. My advice for anyone who hasn’t been before would be to wear shoes you can stand in, get guest list and get there early!

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