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How To Avoid Basic B!tchery On Instagram

August 12th, 2015     Posted By

Hey Clubcrawlers! Have you ever wondered if your rep on #insta is considered basic? Do you find yourself asking; ” Should I Insta this?  Is my following to follower ratio appropriate? Are hashtags still a thing? Emoji caption or lyric ? “.  The constant debating goes on and on for basic b!tches struggling with social media anxiety caused by this addicting app. Read on to see if your #InstaGame really is as strong as you think it is!

1. You post Snapchats to Instagram.

If you insist on recycling a photo you took from that app, at least have enough Instagram etiquette to remove the #snap caption over the photo. This is Instagram now honey, the caption goes below the photo!

*Tip: There is a useful app called Snappp that removes captions from saved Snapchats.


Listen to Neil on this one guys 

2. You’re creativity stops at level #selfie.

On your profile you will find a wide array of selfies from every angle and mirror. Your Instagram is essentially the same photo of you over and over again. No shame in that, it’s your Instagram we click that profile to see you of course, but maybe we can change it up once in a while?

giphy (1)

Note: There is probably a Princess with crown emoji in her bio. 

3. Wanderlust ۞  is in your bio.

We would all rather be on the beach in Europe sipping sangria right now! You suffer from severe wanderlust? Use that desire to travel and please exit stage left as you’re time here is up. * Scrolling past everything you post *

giphy (2)

You are not a mermaid.

4. Every Monday it’s the same thing. 

You hate Monday’s, really? Let’s try to expand our horizons here ladies. Posting a photo of your Starbucks coffee on Monday morning won’t make you any less tired. And did you ever consider maybe Monday doesn’t like you either?

giphy (3)

We’re with Kris on this one.

5. You follow more people then follow you. 

Basics don’t consider following to follower ratio. If you’re following more people then people who are following you, you will never gain Bad Bitch Status!  Baddies have at least double the follower count compared to following. Also the only people that are justified to not follow back are celebs.

giphy (4)

Tip: Don’t follow first, and irrelevants don’t get the follow back.

6. You post Wine & Bachelorette Night with all your BFFS.

Everything about these posts are the same, bad quality, bad wine, bad show. If this post is on your page we suggest you reconsider it’s value as it’s extremely basic. Our suggestion is turning that bottle of $10 vino into some shots of tequila. It’ll make for a better Insta and a story for the next girls night in.

giphy (6)

Do you really need to document this weekly?  


7. You abuse food and/or gym posts.

We need to set some things straight here, food and gym pics should be posted in moderation. We support you indulging in that ice cream sundae, we respect you for making a healthy choice with that salad but we loathe you for clogging up our home page with your basic a$$ posts every day! If you insist on posting these photos respect Instagram etiquette and keep the captions short so we can scroll by as quickly as possible. 😉

giphy (7)

We want to go to the gym even less now because we never want to be like you. But we do appreciate your cute nike shoes. One point for not being a total lost cause. 


If you read this and thought “Oh No!”, don’t worry! We’ve all fallen victim to at least one of these basic bitch tendencies! Be sure to follow us on Instagram: @ClubCrawlers 


giphy (8)

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