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10 Most Haunted Places in Canada

September 1st, 2015     Posted By

With Halloween 2015 just a few months away, thrill seekers will be excited to know that our beloved country is filled with haunted houses and spooky tales of the supernatural (many of which are located right here in Toronto)! Halloween events, parties and clubbing aside – if you’re looking for things that go bump in the night this Halloween, we recommend venturing out to one of the venues on our list below. Behold, our ultimate guide to 10 of the most haunted places in Canada:

1. The Keg Mansion


Located here in Toronto, one of the many Keg Steakhouse franchises is actually a old private residence of the industrialist Hart Massey and his family. The story goes that in 1915 after the death of Massey’s only daughter Lillian, one of the maids was so stricken by fright that she hung herself. The ghostly image of a maid hanging by her neck has been seen by many of the Keg visitors. If you’re looking for more options than the traditional Toronto Halloween nightlife events or parties offer, The Keg Mansion may be a fun alternative for a spooky Halloween dinner!

2. Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel


In Banff Alberta, the Fairmont Banff Springs hotel is one of Canada’s most beautiful hotels – not to mention a highly frequented spot in the months leading up to Halloween. Built in 1888 this hotel has been rumoured to be a site for numerous ghost sightings. The hauntings include a murder family is room 873, a bride who died falling down the marble staircase and a retired bellhop who continues to haunt the hotel wearing full uniform.

3. Gibraltar Point Lighthouse


Located on the Toronto Islands, Gibraltar Point is the oldest lighthouse on the Great Lakes dating back to 1808. Ratan Muller, the original keeper of the lighthouse was murdered in 1815 in the most gruesome way. His murderer buried his dismembered body to hide their crime. Is it rumoured that Muller’s ghost can be seen lurking around the lighthouse, moaning in the night. If your looking for a fright this Halloween, why not take a spooky ride to the Toronto islands and try to spot Muller for yourself!

4.HI Ottawa Jail Hostel


The Ottawa Jail Hostel is spooky enough for its setting alone, a former prison. If your looking for a scary night’s sleep, or lack there of this Halloween, the hostel offers a mix up shared and private cells for guests, plus several spirits for good measure. The story goes that the jail used to house Ottawa’s gallows and many men were put to death here, and their ghosts remind. Visitors have heard blood-curdling screams in the night and have even had their belongings founds scattered all across the room.

5. Queens Park


Right here in the city of Toronto, the grounds of Queen’s Park use to belong to a psychiatric hospital. It is said that 3 former female inmates roam the current building as ghosts. Other spirits have been seen in the Lieutenant Governor’s suite and a angry man in a red military uniform is believed to haunt the main entrance staircase. Anyone looking for a creepy crawl in the park this Halloween, be sure to checkout Queens Park.


6. Watson’s Mill


Located in the historic village of Manotick, Ontario, Watson’s Mill is one of Ottawa’s most haunted locations. In 1861, a year after the Mill was completed being built, Joseph Currier the owner married a young women named Ann Crosby. During a celebration hosted at the Mill for their first year of successful business, tragedy stuck. Ann’s skirt was caught in a revolving turbine on the second story of the Mill and she was thrown against one of the nearby support pillars and killed instantly. Reports of ghostly sightings and unexplained sounds during foggy and rainy nights have been reported over the years.


7.Craigdarroch Castle

Built in the 1890’s for a coal miner named Robert Dunsmuir and his family, this Victorian mansion has become an eerie Canadian haunted tourist attraction. Rumours have it the piano plays by itself and sightings of a women clothed in white have been reported. The castles supernatural activity have been attributed to the Dunsmuir’s untimely demise just a year after the building was completed.


8.Fort Garry Hotel

Located in Winnipeg, this historic hotel is another one of Canada’s grand railway hotels. There are many tales of spirits wandering the halls of this century-old building. Most stories are of Room 202, where a women was murdered. Guests have reported ghostly apparitions, lights flicking on and off, and even blood seeping from the walls. This Halloween, if room 202 is booked, have no fear. Strange sightings have been witnessed on the entire second floor.


9.The Blue Ghost Tunnel

Abandonded Thorold-0048
Located in Thorold, Ontario, the Merritton a.k.a The Blue Ghost Tunnel is haunted by the men mangled and killed during the building of the canal. Green slim, unexplained noises and a demonic energy are rumoured to occur in these eerie tunnels. The tunnels have been closed permanently since 1915 after being used for just 39 years.
10.Fairmont Royal York 
This historic hotel, located in Toronto, is believed to have a eighth floor haunted with paranormal activity. Many guests have reported the sounds of children running and laughing up and down the halls as well as the sights of a ghostly figure in a purple jacket wandering the halls. This Halloween, Toronto residences can check-in to the 8th floor in hopes of experiencing this spookiness for themselves.
Think we missed something spooky? Let us know in the comment section below!

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